Energysystem Het Zamen

Your home is connected to an Energiek CHP system. The heat, cooling and hot tap water is collectively heated and distributed via the piping network in your neighbourhood. The system allows you to comfortably heat your home when it is colder and cool it in the hot summer months. Moreover, you always have hot tap water. The switch between heat supply and cold supply is centrally controlled.

How does a CHP work?

An CHP system stores energy from the building in the ground. We store the heat contained in the building in one source and the cold in another source. In the summer, we use the cold groundwater source to cool your home. This water flows through the floor pipes and provides cooling. In this way, the water warms up slightly. We store this warm water in the other source in the ground.

During winter it works the other way around: we use the water from the warm source to heat your home. The heat pumps ensure that the water is at the right temperature to make your home comfortably warm. This hot water flows through the floor pipes and provides heat. Then we store the cooled water back in the cold groundwater source.

Functioning in the home

Delivery system

In your home or business unit there is a delivery set with a meter for the registration of the consumption of your heat and hot tap water. The combined underfloor heating and floor cooling of your home and the hot water pipes in your home are connected to this set. On the document page you will find a detailed description of how a delivery system looks and works in the manual of the delivery system. You can also view which pipes are connected to the delivery system. In the manuals you will also find instructions on how to read your consumption of heat and hot tap water on the digital consumption meter of the delivery system.


The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature. Below you can read our tips:

  • Choose a room temperature and refrain from changing it as much as possible
  • Since your home is equipped with underfloor heating and cooling, it may take some time before you notice the effect of a change in the set room temperature. Change the temperature only when it is really necessary
  • If you do not want to use the heating and/or cooling temporarily, just change the set temperature by a few degrees.
Underfloor heating and cooling

The delivery system is connected to your underfloor heating/floor cooling system. This is the main source of heating. Pay close attention when choosing a suitable floor. You will find all important conditions in the brochure on the document page.


The delivery set, including consumption meter, is owned by Energiek. Everything from the delivery set to the indoor installation is the property of the owner of your home. This is you or your landlord. Handle the delivery set and consumption meter with care. Do not hang or assemble anything above or below the delivery set. The location of the delivery set must be and remain easily accessible, for example for emergencies, malfunctions or for inspection or repair by or on behalf of Energiek. Also make sure that there are no items near the delivery set that could damage the delivery set. Is something damaged or has the seal been broken? Please contact us immediately.

    Manual delivery set (Dutch)    

The indoor installation in your home is not the property of Energiek. However, the indoor installation has a major impact on the functioning of our energy system. If you experience problems with the heating or cooling of your home, always check that your indoor installation is working correctly first.

Modify, expand or replace?

In a house with a connection to our energy system, installing, expanding or changing the (floor) heating system or a (room) thermostat works slightly differently than usual. This is because all changes or additions must meet our connection requirements. We advise you to report changes made to your heating system to Energiek and to have these changes made by a certified installer. This is because they can also adjust the settings of your entire heating system to the modification.